Battle of Giants: Dinosaurs

Battle of Giants: Dinosaurs

RELEASE DATE: October 21, 2008
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game info

Explore and conquer a variety of terrain maps as you battle other dinosaurs for eggs and fossils. Use these to unlock attack and defense features like thorns, scales, and camouflaging color to make your dinosaur stronger and faster! Conquer the world, then challenge your friends!

Key Features
Select your dinosaur from 25 different species, including Ravenous Predators, Witty Scavengers, Horned Territorials, Mighty Tanks, and Peaceful Herbivores.
Experience an intuitive combat system based on player's dexterity that challenges your skills, not your luck, in battle.
Play through three game modes, including Adventure, Quickmatch, and Multiplayer Tournament mode.

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What They Play

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