Battle Tag

Battle Tag

RELEASE DATE: November 2010
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Transform the real world into your ultimate battle arena with BattleTag, the game that takes laser tag to the next level. Up to eight people can team up with or against one another to experience thrilling indoor/outdoor battles in game modes like Team Frag, Free for All, Last Man Standing, or Old Fashioned Duel. Plus with the Battle Tag manager you can electronically track game rules, scoring, and much more. Your World is The Battlefield.

Key Features
Competitive Play —Battle Tag brings laser tag to the next level by having ammo boxes and med-kits. Scan ammo boxes and med-kits with the T-Blaster to get more ammo and to heal.
Up to 8 Players —Battle Tag supports up to 8 players for non-stop action. Team up and challenge each other in popular game modes: Team Frag, Free for All, Last Man Standing, Wild West Duel, and more.
Play to Win —Use the Battle Tag manager to keep track of the action: game rules, scoring, and more.

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