Imagine Detective

Imagine Detective

RELEASE DATE: September 8, 2009
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Is your daughter a natural sleuth? Now, girls can live the thrill and adventure of being a teenaged private investigator fighting for truth and justice in ImagineĀ® Detective! Discover clues, take photographs, question witnesses; it's up to THEM to solve the mystery!

Key Features
Become a Detective — In Imagine Detective, girls play as Kirsten Spark, a smart and independent 14 year old student at Summer Hill High School. Players will need to use their sharp sixth sense and investigative skills to clear the school from bullies and the town from bandits.
Solve the Mystery — Solve fun and intricate cases ranging from pure fun to brain teasers. Follow leads, piece together clues, take photographs, and question witnesses to crack the ultimate mystery.
Social Networking on your DS — Players will document all their findings in their own virtual blog! Gain popularity by solving mysteries, and earn virtual money to buy cool rewards.

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What They Play

Host a mystery night with the whole family and neighboring kids

Crack a thrilling mystery, just like in Imagine Detective! Host a mystery night for your whole family and the neighboring kids! Plan a mystery for everyone to solve: set-up clues around the house and in the yard, designate witnesses for people to question, and see who can crack the mystery!

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