Imagine Party Babyz

Imagine Party Babyz

RELEASE DATE: October 2008
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game info

Attend a famous babysitting academy in ImagineĀ® Party Babyz for Nintendo Wii! Girls can play solo and discover the great adventures of babysitting through a variety of fun mini-games, or play with up to four friends and see who is the best babysitter!

Key Features
Play with Cute Babies — Girls can play more than 40 hilarious mini-games with adorable babies! Teach them basic skills such as solving puzzles and coloring, or entertain the babies through funny mini-games like tricycle races and soap bubble contests!
Dress up the Babies — What's more fun than playing with adorable babies? Dressing them up in cute outfits and fun costumes! Choose from dozens of trendy outfits and hilarious costumes, then watch the babies compete in them!
Have Fun with Friends and Family — Up to 4 players can join in on the fun, so pick up a Wii Remote and play Imagine Party Babyz!

Play multiplayer minigames with Imagine Party Babyz

Join in on the fun of babysitting! Play fun minigames with your kids: race tricycles, dress up the babies, push them on swings, and engage in many more indoor and outdoor activities with adorable babies. Your kids will amaze you with their incredible babysitting skills!

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